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Platypus Phonics: Intro

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The adventure continues...

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Platypus Phonics helps kids easily increase their phonic awareness.

Learning, reviewing, and quizzing on phonics has never been so easy and fun! Kids can practice their phonics, vocabulary, word families, and sight words surrounded by silly, persnickety, and sweet platypuses of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

With hundreds of hilarious illustrations, children will easily grasp and increase their understanding of phonics.

Platypus Phonics includes three 20 page workbooks. That's a total of 60 pages of phonic activities and printables! Your kids will snicker and giggle as they curiously work through all the pages. You'll note that this curiosity drives them to uncover what these platypuses are up to... and thus keep working away with a spirit of fun and discovery!

The adventure continues...

Platypus Phonics Workbook: Beginning Blends

Platypus Phonics Workbook: Ending Blends

Platypus Phonics Workbook: Consonant Digraphs
Golden Platypus

Every deck has a Review Mode and a Quiz Mode so students and teachers can decide how to integrate our POP Cards into their learning path. We've kid tested this in classrooms and students love to compete with each other for highest grade and best time. Teachers can award students achievements and prizes for top scores.

Review and Quiz Mode

Every card has an audio button that kids can tap on if they don't know the answer or are still learning how to read- a features that printable cards just don't have! This allows kids to explore at their own pace... especially with curriculum like learning the Dolch Sight Words or the Top 150 Written Words.

This also comes in handy for learning proper pronunciation for new words kids discover when reviewing topics on their own- like the names of sea creatures, fruits, vegetables, and hard to pronounce 3D shapes like icosahedron.

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